Online Grant Application Training

Online Grant Application Training

Grant Application Process – How to Apply

EHF has a new, multi-step grant application process.

When considering applying for a grant from EHF,  first read our Strategic Plan and 2023 Grant Guidance to ensure your proposed work aligns with our goals and strategies.  Also, read EHF’s general grant guidelines and information about eligibility, what EHF funds, what we do not fund, and more.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Episcopal Health Foundation now uses the Fluxx online platform to manage our grantmaking process. To get started, you must register for a new account or log in to your existing account in EHF’s grant portal –

First-time applicants first need to create an account and determine eligibility. (Click to see detailed instructions)

Returning grantees, use your existing login and then reset your password. (Click to see detailed instructions)

At EHF, it’s important to us that we keep your information safe and our grants system secure. To add another layer of protection, we have introduced multi-factor authentication (MFA).

When you log into EHF’s grant portal, you’ll be required to enter a MFA (multi-factor authentication) token/code that will be received via text or generated on a mobile authentication application, after entering your username and password.

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. On your computer, go to EHF’s grant portal. Enter your name and password, then click “Next”.
  2. Once logged in, a new MFA screen will appear. Select “SMS” and enter your mobile phone number. Then click “Send SMS”.
  3. You’ll then receive a text message with the MFA token/code.
  4. Enter the token/code in the MFA screen and click “Log In”.
  5. Every time you login to EHF’s grant portal, the system will automatically send the MFA token/code by text.
  6. Given our multi-factor authentication policy for all grant portal users, it is not recommended users share login information. When creating an LOI, the user can assign the following roles to themselves or another collaborator: Application Contact, Secondary Application Contact, Report Contact, and Payment Contact. If a potential grantee expects more than one individual to complete the LOI, they must assign their collaborator(s) one of the roles. Returning users must use their existing credentials and access their LOI or application via the left-aligned navigation panel.

EHF’s grant application process begins with a Letter of Inquiry (LOI). The LOI helps EHF determine whether your organization and project are aligned with our strategies and eligible for grant consideration.  Your LOI must be received by noon CST on the date shown in Submission Deadlines.

If you see alignment with your work across multiple goals/strategies and wish to discuss your ideas with a program officer, please send an email to: and include a short description of your proposed work. We will respond within three business days.

Click here to learn more about the LOI process and submit LOI

[Tip:  Check your Grantee Portal for communications from the Foundation concerning your current submission.  All submitted LOIs and applications are saved in the portal] 

Program staff carefully reviews the LOI to ensure the proposed work aligns with our goals and strategies.  If the program staff needs additional information or has suggestions, they will send the LOI back to you with comments to update.  You will receive an alert when the LOI is sent back.  Go to your Grantee Portal, open the ‘sent back’ LOI, make the changes and re-submit it as soon as possible. 

If invited to submit a full application, your program officer will work with your organization to refine the LOI request to ensure alignment with the correct Goal and Strategy and Type of Project.    

If your LOI is not selected, you will be notified via email.  All LOI submissions are stored in your grantee portal. 

[Tip:  Check into your Grantee Portal to access, complete, edit, and submit applications.  All LOIs and Applications are saved in the portal]

If your LOI is approved, you will receive an email invitation to complete a full application.  The application requires a narrative explanation of the proposed work, a description of the project and plan, and results statement(s) and corresponding measures.

Because the demand for foundation support consistently exceeds available grant dollars, an invitation to apply does not guarantee a grant will be awarded.

You will receive an email confirmation that EHF has received your submission. In many instances, a program officer will contact you to discuss your proposed project.

[Tip: Check your Grantee Portal for communications from your Program Officer concerning your application]

Our program team will discuss the proposed work and its alignment with our strategies. If the team has questions or needs additional information, your program officer will contact you and may send the application back for revisions.  Promptly update the application and re-submit. 

Board decisions are made approximately 13 weeks after the published application submission deadline. (See Submission Deadlines above)


[Tip: Award documentation, including executed grant agreements and payment schedules are found in your Grantee Portal] 

If your proposal is successful and your organization receives a grant, you will get an email notification from EHF, followed by the award letter and grant agreement via DocuSign.  Your grant payment will not be processed until EHF receives back the fully-executed grant agreement.

EHF processes all grant payments through an electronic funds transfer (EFT) process. If you are awarded a grant, you will receive instructions to submit your EFT information via DocuSign.

[Tip: Go to your Grantee Portal to access report forms, view your reporting schedule, review previous reports, and submit new reports.]

As stated in EHF’s Grant Agreement, grantees must submit interim progress reports every six months and a final learning report at the end of the project.  The interim and final reports are submitted through your Grantee Portal no later than 30 days after the end of each six months. Check your Portal for reporting requirements and their due dates.  Report criteria include the result statement(s), approved project plan/deliverables, and the selected anticipated measures provided from your application.

If you need technical assistance with your LOI or application, please email

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