EHF Racial Justice Incubator Cohort

Over nine months, congregational teams will join together in the EHF Racial Justice Incubator Cohort with Project Curate to develop strategies and approaches to ministry that effectively respond to the recurring social issues brought about by racism, injustice, and inequity.  In addition, the cohort will address ways that these issues intersect with issues of gender, sexual identity, and social class.

Throughout the process you and your team will be exposed to an innovative learning and network-building process designed to assist you and your church in understanding changing social-cultural contexts, build trust with communities of color, and contribute to the common good.

More specifically, this process is designed to:

1) Build and strengthen capacity among clergy and lay leaders for robust social/theological analysis of pressing social issues.

2) Facilitate leaders’ increased community and public engagement in ways that move them into zones of collaborative and coalitional work towards more equitable and just realities for all.