Promoting equity
by improving health

not just health care in Texas

Our Bold Vision for the Next Chapter

We have changed the conversation about health, and we are ready to accelerate this positive change by tackling the unequal and unacceptable health realities faced by Texans, especially among those who face the most obstacles to health.

Barnes explains why EHF believes that prioritizing food/nutrition security, maternal health, and diabetes prevention can start a ripple effect of good health in Texas.

Preventable differences in health outcomes - which are closely linked to income, zip code, and race – are driving up health care costs and reducing work productivity across Texas, and the state’s economy is suffering more than $7 billion in annual losses because of it.

Our research uncovers invaluable insights about health policy and systems in Texas, and puts forward effective solutions and approaches to deliver better health outcomes.

There will be important one-time changes to our grantmaking in 2024.

We activate communities by strengthening grantee organizations, congregations, and coalitions to build a health-promoting Texas.