A New Chapter

Episcopal Health Foundation's Strategic Plan for 2018-2023

The Episcopal Health Foundation believes all Texans deserve to be healthy. As we move into EHF’s Next Chapter, we’ve incorporated our core values, our commitment to the principle of equity, and what we’ve learned over our first three years to carefully develop a new strategic plan that sharpens our focus to improve health, not just healthcare in Texas.

We’re zeroing in on working upstream and building an equitable, accessible health system for every Texan. We’re activating communities and congregations to create healthy communities and influence the health system. And we’re placing a refined emphasis on building the foundation for a healthy life by investing in early child brain development. With this renewed focus, our new plan targets four specific outcomes we believe are key to addressing the underlying causes of poor health for the 11 million Texans living in our service area.

EHF remains dedicated to going beyond grantmaking to put our research, community engagement and partnerships with Episcopal churches to work. We continue to use all of our efforts to transform communities by transforming the systems that influence and shape the health of our residents.

Rooted in faith and active in hope, it is with gratitude, optimism, and humility that we present our new plan, A New Chapter: Episcopal Health Foundation’s Strategic Plan for 2018-2023.

What We Believe

EHF’s core values:

  • Informed Action • Collaboration • Empowerment
  • Stewardship • Transparency • Accountability
  • Transformation of human lives and organizations
  • Compassion for the poor and powerless

EHF’s guiding principle: Equity

What We've Learned

  • The case for change still rings true
  • We can offer communities more than money
  • We must focus on targeted outcomes rather than interest areas to achieve our goals

How We Work

  • Going Upstream
  • Focusing on Systems
  • Partnering with Community-based Clinics

The New Plan

Vision: Healthy Communities for All


Systems of Health

Strengthen Systems of Health by catalyzing health systems to be accessible, equitable and deliver health, not just healthcare

Activate Communities

Activate Communities by strengthening organizations and congregations to build health-promoting communities

Build the Foundation for a Healthy Life

Build the Foundation For a Healthy Life by investing in early childhood brain development

Targeted Outcomes

Resource allocation and system reform in the health sector reflect the goal of improving health, not just healthcare

Low-income and vulnerable populations access comprehensive care in their communities

Community and congregation members actively shape healthy communities and influence health systems to improve health equity

Health systems and families implement best practices for early childhood brain development during pregnancy and the first 1,000 days of life


  • Support change in healthcare financing
  • Work upstream
  • Support comprehensive clinics
  • Strengthen rural health
  • Expand health coverage & benefits
  • Raise community voices
  • Support congregations in action 
  • Build Brain Development – Providers
  • Build Brain Development – Community Organizations