To meet the urgent health need facing Texas, we need an approach that addresses health from all angles. Rigorous research is at the core of EHF’s most ambitious and transformative endeavors.

Our research division shares its expertise to help communities better understand their unique health needs and challenges. Our interactive County Health Data maps consolidate health data from many public sources so that communities can have all of the data in one place. This important information highlights the critical need for change and helps provide counties and communities the information they need to plot a way forward to address community health.

We’re leading an ongoing, comprehensive analysis of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in Texas. This research examines the ACA’s true impact across the state, especially on the uninsured. These reports are essential to discovering what’s needed for more Texans to gain access to quality health services.

In addition, EHF’s Health Policy Reports look at decisions, plans, and actions that affect health in Texas. This research, including EHF’s statewide Texas Health Policy Poll, is used to develop more effective solutions and approaches to reform our health system and get better results.

For more information about any of EHF’s research or to get help with a project in your community, click here to send an email to EHF’s research team. You can also call us at 832-807-2564.