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Episcopal Health Foundation is working to transform community health across Texas.

Current job openings, requests for proposals and other ways we’re looking for help in our mission, when open, will be posted below.

Are you a consultant who supports the work of nonprofits and foundations? Click here to learn more about applying to join EHF’s new Consultant Directory.

All Episcopal Health Foundation jobs are based in Houston, Texas and offer a Hybrid work environment in which all staff work in the office Tuesday through Thursday and have the option to work from home on Mondays and Fridays, when schedules permit. 

Unless otherwise stated, all positions remain open until filled. 

Current Openings

EHF Consultant Directory

Would you like to be considered for projects with EHF or for referrals to connect with other nonprofits within EHF's service area?

If so, we invite you to request to be included in EHF’s new Consultant Directory

EHF staff have the opportunity to engage with a wide range of consultants to help advance the strategic priorities of the Foundation. The purpose of EHF’s Consultant Directory is to centralize points of contact for EHF staff to connect more easily with professional consultants and make referrals to our grantees and partners. It is an internal tool for EHF staff and is not an external-facing or otherwise public, directory.

We emphasize that being added to EHF’s Consultant Directory is not a promise of work. If accepted into the Directory, any staff at EHF can access your information and reach out to you with a request to connect or for additional information.

How to Apply

Create or log-in to an existing account with EHF’s Contractors and Consultant Portal in Fluxx to access the application. New to Fluxx? How to Register and Submit a Request 

Note: EHF uses Multi- Factor Authentication (MFA) with Fluxx to protect our Portal. Please refer to these instructions to set up MFA with your account.

Questions? Please contact Christy Serrano, Program Officer.