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EHF releases NEW 2019 County Health Snapshots

See how to use EHF's County Health Snapshots to learn more about population numbers, health outcomes, non-medical/social factors that affect health, and other important data for 57 Texas counties.
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WATCH NOW: Health in Texas has the most to gain or lose in the 2020 Census

As EHF joins an regional effort to make sure every person is counted in the 2020 Census, CEO Elena Marks explains why health could be the sector most affected in Texas if federal funding declines due to an undercount.
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Clinics meet to brainstorm big ideas about going beyond the exam room to address community conditions that affect health

Clinics and community partners from EHF's Texas Community Centered Health Homes Initiative gather to learn new ways to tackle community conditions that impact health.
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OPINION: Making our community healthier means improving health, not just healthcare

EHF's Elena Marks and Harrison County Judge Chad Sims write about a joint research project that could determine if changing the way the county spends on public services could lead to improved health outcomes in Northeast Texas.
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