News Release

Episcopal Health Foundation releases Strategic Framework for 2024-2030

EHF's describes its bold vision for the next chapter.

As EHF commits to Igniting Change, we have listened to the voices and priorities of community and congregational members, local and national partners, grantees, health experts, and research partners. Remaining true to our core values and building on the work of the last eight years, EHF is announcing its new Strategic Framework to advance and focus its promise to improve health for all Texans, especially among those who face the most obstacles to health.

EHF Action Areas
EHF believes that whole-person well-being requires addressing non-medical drivers of health, and must include integration between three Action Areas: accessible health and health care services, healthy communities, and health-promoting policies at all levels.

Priorities for Change
Working within these Action Areas, we believe we can make the greatest strides in reducing preventable health differences by addressing three Priorities for Change: Food and Nutrition Security, Maternal Health, Diabetes Prevention.

EHF announces one-time changes to grantmaking in 2024

With EHF’s announcement of a new Strategic Framework, the foundation will spend time in 2024 developing specific strategies and tactics that will guide our grantmaking and other programming and research objectives for the following five years.

Eligible grantees will receive continuation of funding for their existing grant(s) that will bridge them to the period until new strategies and tactics for funding are developed under the new framework.

Any new grants in 2024 will be by invitation only. There will not be an open grant application process.

We anticipate releasing EHF’s 2025 Grant Guidance in the Fall of 2024. This document will reference the new strategic plan and include details about funding priorities, grant cycles, and the application process.