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EHF announces impact investing strategy as a new tool for advancing health in Texas

EHF is interested in hearing from—and about—health sector organizations and entrepreneurs with promising concepts that can improve the health of Texans and benefit from impact investment.
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NEW MAP: What your neighborhood says about your life expectancy

EHF's new interactive map shows there can be than more than a 20-year difference in how long Texans live in one neighborhood compared to another, even though they may only be a few miles apart. The new tool highlights how poverty, income, race, and education levels have a dramatic impact on how long a person lives in Texas.
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Opinion: Let's make the drivers of health the focus of the HEALTH debate

In a Houston Chronicle op-ed, EHF CEO Elena Marks writes that when it comes to the presidential debates on health care, it's not enough to talk about the health care system without a focus on actually improving HEALTH.
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WATCH & SHARE: Bloomberg video project features Elena Marks, EHF, and HOPE Clinic

The national project looks at EHF's mission to change the conversation and redefine the health care debate to ideas that improve #HealthNotJustHealthcare
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