Nov 22 2019

The 21-Year-Gap

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From the Understanding Houston blog, EHF's Robiel Abraha writes about the "The 21-Year-Gap" -- highlighting our latest research showing why non-medical factors where we live have a dramatic impact on our health.

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Apr 25 2018

How YOU can change the conversation to focus on HEALTH, not just healthcare


If we change the conversation and become focused on the importance of health, not just healthcare, we can save money and improve health outcomes.

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Mar 29 2018

Guest Post: Let's address hunger and other community determinants of health

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Poverty and food insecurity are "just as worthy of our attention as headaches, diabetes and asthma" says Dr. Pritesh Gandhi at People's Community Clinic in Austin. Read about his work with EHF's $10 million Texas Community Centered Health Homes Initiative.

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Mar 18 2018

Learn the difference between healthcare and health

Angel from Asthma home visitation project.jpg

Health care is a means to an end, and health is that end. There is no inherent value in health care, apart from its impact on health. Because we talk about health care as if it were the same as health, we miss out on opportunities to improve health that fall outside of the health care paradigm. We’re so worried about health care costs that we’ve forgotten to look at health.

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EHF's Lexi Nolen writes about the development and importance of the Texas CCHH Initiative in the national Health Affairs blog.

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Oct 27 2017

Generosity + Data = Effective use of Hurricane Harvey funds

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Learn about EHF's partnership with the Kaiser Family Foundation to highlight Texans with the greatest needs and fewest resources following Harvey.

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Feb 6 2017

Making communities healthier means improving health, not just healthcare

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We can’t continue addressing chronic population health problems the same way we treat communicable diseases. The focus of Texas’ healthcare system must shift from healthcare delivery alone to promoting health and wellness in the communities they serve.

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Feb 29 2016

UPDATE: Closing the mental health care gap in East Texas


See how the Foundation's partnership with Seminary of the Southwest and Burke is already working to help fill the need for quality mental health services in East Texas.

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Jan 27 2016

Healing a broken health system

EHF Dee's story photo 5.jpgDee’s story is a prime example of why our health system is broken and what’s needed to help fix it.

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Dec 3 2015

Can philanthropy and government work together?

Houston Emergency Center 911 call center.png

EHF explores how working with a government agency can impact social issues.

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Sep 29 2015

Making decisions using a "health" lens

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Lexi Nolen explains the reasoning behind EHF's new Health Impact Assessment partnership. See how two new projects will look at how city planning decisions affect community health.

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Aug 3 2015

Taking Stock

Elena Marks.jpg

We’re six months into executing on our first strategic operating plan, 18 months into my tenure, a little over two years into our actual existence, and I’m taking stock.


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Jul 15 2015

Filling the "Rural" Void

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A new federal study shows rural areas get a small share of foundation grants across the country.  EHF hopes to change that in Texas.


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Jun 22 2015

EHF's Theory of Change

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EHF's Theory of Change is a statement about how change is expected to occur and the role that initiatives play in producing that change. It explains our core beliefs about transformation toward healthy communities.

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Jun 9 2015

From the Pulpit to the People


It has been said that churches are the heart of a community.  A place to worship, reflect and support one another while demonstrating faith through works of service and helping others.  But It was inspiring to hear a priest ask his outreach team “how do we move from charity work to transformational work?” 

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May 21 2015

Spreading Transformation - the One Simple Way You Can Help

NAM photo.jpg

We just announced our first-ever grant partners. But what's the one thing they have in common that we'd like to improve? See how you can help spread positive change and transformation to community health across Texas.

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Apr 22 2015

Simply Sane -- The Potential of Strategic Learning

Cloud 1(1).pngIf the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, then strategic learning is simply sane.  Like you, we care about getting better at what we do. Right now, EHF is laying the groundwork for continuous improvement processes.

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Mar 23 2015

Vulnerable Populations - What Makes Flowers Bloom?

Flowers bloom.jpg

Flowers, like people, come in so many beautiful forms. They are resilient and strong with an inner desire to bloom to the fullest potential.  So, how do we help vulnerable populations "bloom" when it comes to community health?

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Mar 5 2015

Story Power

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Dee's story shows how addressing root causes of medical problems – outside of a clinic -- can improve the health of an entire family. But just telling her story is equally important.

Dee’s story is our story.

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Feb 26 2015

Impact: Three Ideas for Driving Transformational Change Through Joint Learning

Transformation white type.jpg

OK, folks. We are looking for conversation partners…. Won’t you take a minute to share your ideas and thoughts with us after you read this? This week’s topic…

Impact: Three ideas for driving transformational change through joint learning

People sometimes comment that I have an intriguing (if not downright “cool”) title: VP for Impact. Usually it opens up a conversation about EHF’s vision, how we understand our responsibilities as a philanthropy, and how we can engage continual learning to have better impact in moving towards that vision over time.

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Feb 18 2015

What Makes a Good Grant Proposal?


Since launching the grant-making system at the Episcopal Health Foundation, I am frequently asked by prospective applicants, “What constitutes a good grant proposal?”  Is it writing a good statement of need or utilizing SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic or relevant, and time-oriented) objectives? Still other questions have focused on matters of alignment—typically asked something like this: since EHF funds community-based primary care, and I’m a community-based primary care provider, that’s alignment—right?

Not necessarily.

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Feb 5 2015

Welcome to the V1SION Blog!

Elena and goals sign.jpg

This is the first post on the Episcopal Health Foundation’s brand new V1SION blog. The purpose of our blog is expand on our one vision (V1SION) of transformation to healthy communities for all. We believe to transform community health, it means changing the way philanthropy traditionally works. So, we want you to know what we’re doing—the projects we’re working on, the conversations we’re having, the questions we’re wrestling with each step along the way.

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