Clinics Pathway Approach Frequently Asked Questions

If we apply for funding under the Clinics Pathway Approach, can we also seek funding from EHF for other programs or initiatives?
Yes, a clinic can apply for Clinics Pathway Approach funding and other funding strategies outlined in the 2020 Grant Guidance within the same  grant year.

Can a clinic work on more than one level with the Clinics Pathway Approach?
No, not in one grant year.

Are the time periods for the expected short-term and long-term outcomes consecutive or total?
These are the estimates of the total amount of time to complete movement through a level and to another level.

What are the criteria for applicants for the Clinics Pathway Approach?  Applicants must be comprehensive clinics that offer a full complement of services, including preventive, primary care, behavioral health services and oral health services.

Can non-FQHCs apply for funding under the Clinics Pathway Approach? Any comprehensive clinic within EHFs 57-county service area can apply for funding under the Clinics Pathway Approach.

Can clinics apply for funding under the Clinics Pathway Approach to address more than one competency area at a time? 
Yes, a clinic can work on multiple competency areas during a grant year. The competency areas must be within the same level.  

How do we know what level we are on in the Clinics Pathway Approach?
Clinics Pathway Approach applicants must complete the Clinic Readiness Assessment Tool. The findings from the Clinic Readiness Tool will help EHF and the clinics identify the most appropriate level for a clinic.

When completing the Clinic Readiness Assessment tool, how should clinics score themselves?
Clinics Pathway Approach funding is intended to support clinics in building and strengthening their capacities in various areas. For this reason, clinics should score themselves at their lowest capacity level so that they can use this grant funding to reach the highest level possible within the funded period.  

If we are not interested or ready to apply for funding under the Clinics Pathway Approach at this time, will the opportunity be available next year?
EHF intends to fund the Clinics Pathways Approach for multiple years. If a clinic is not ready to apply for funding for 2020, they may apply in subsequent years.

When will we be able to see the measures or indicators related to the Clinics Pathway Approach that we can choose from?
When a clinic is asked to submit a full application, they will know the Clinics Pathway Approach level for which they will be applying. The Clinics Pathway Approach measures and indicators are tied to the competency areas specific to one of the three Clinics Pathway Approach levels and will be included in the application.

Can a clinic ask for funding for information systems?
Yes, but not for “routine” items like Electronic Health Records. Instead, a clinic should ask for items specific to the Clinics Pathway Approach, such as information systems relating to predictive data, for example. 

Can grant funding be used to sub-grant to a partner(s)?
This is a case-by-case situation, and a clinic should speak to their EHF program officer about this.

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