EHF’s Grantee SPOTLIGHT: Strengthening skills to promote healthy early relationships and brain development for children at The Georgetown Project

New video shows how EHF's investments are being used at TGP's community-based Parent Center program.
More about The Georgetown Project 

The Georgetown Project (TGP) has consistently mobilized community resources, relationships, and services to ensure that the youth of Georgetown grow into caring, capable, and resilient adults.  

The introduction of the early relational health project, initially supported by EHF’s $100,000 investment in 2021, marked a significant advancement. This grant facilitated planning and research, fostering collaboration with other organizations to enhance early childhood brain development and relational growth throughout Williamson County. 

Bridges to Growth: Building hope & connection 

In December 2023, EHF made an additional investment of $125,000 to fund TGP’s Bridges to Growth Parent Center. The Parent Center supports families in building healthy emotional connections with their children, emphasizing early cognitive, social, and emotional development through evidence-based practices. 

From parenting groups to toddler time to ESL classes, Bridges to Growth programs are all aimed at fostering nurturing environments essential for children’s early brain development and well-being.  

Participants of the program, like those featured in the above video, have shared how Bridges to Growth has positively impacted their families.  

The Bridges to Growth program, and specifically the Parent Cafe, has been a great gift to me and my family,” one parent says. “One of the gifts is that I realize I’m not alone in this as a parent. There are so many other parents going through the exact same things.” 

Impact that resonates 

As a founding and critical partner at the Carver Center for Families, TGP plays a unique role in promoting healthy relationships between primary caregivers and young children through its early learning programming. The Family Resource Center model used at the Carver Center aims to develop strong, resilient families and communities by co-locating services and establishing peer support networks. 

EHF is proud to support TGP and its Bridges to Growth program, recognizing the vital role they play in building healthier, more resilient children and families in Texas. 

More than 200 parents and primary caregivers of young children are enhancing their understanding of early childhood needs and strengthening emotional connections with their children.