EHF research team launches Digging Deeper series 

See how the new project works to prompt conversation and innovation on important health issues with in-depth analysis from EHF’s research staff.

EHF’s Research & Evaluation team has created a new series of articles and posts that provide in-depth data analysis of the foundation’s various polls, reports, maps, and more. Digging Deeper aims to provide insightful commentary and further understanding of EHF’s extensive research on health, health care, and health policy issues in Texas. 

Digging Deeper covers a wide range of topics, from public health policy and health care accessibility to innovative approaches to addressing non-medical drivers of health. Each post is written by EHF staff and/or other experts, including researchers, and policy analysts. Digging Deeper entries will not only summarize key findings from polls and research reports, but they will also offer detailed takeaways of specific sections. 

For example, the first Digging Deeper post takes a detailed look at one of the important results of EHF’s recent statewide poll on health care access and affordability. The poll found that nearly 30% of Texans do not have access to a primary care provider. EHF’s Research & Evaluation staff examine the realities behind the numbers to generate awareness and conversation about disparate access to health care across the state