Strengthening Coalitions

New capacity-building initiative aims to strengthen community groups working to improve health in Texas

EHF’s Collaborating for Healthy CommunitiesInitiative Peer Learning Network aims to strengthen existing, health-focused coalitions and collaborative efforts by improving their effectiveness, leadership, and sustained ability to take action to improve health. We are now launching our 2nd Year Cohort. 


  • Expand your understanding of how to build and maintain a strong collaborative
  • Access technical assistance to assess your collaborative’s current capacity and strengths, and develop plans to address unmet needs
  • Appreciate dedicated time to enhance the effectiveness of your collaborative, while working toward your goals
  • Connect with peers to solve problems and discuss mutual concerns

New Opportunity!

Let us know about your coalition or collaborative

An important part of the Collaborating for Healthy Communities initiative is to identify current health-focused coalitions and other community collaboratives that are working across EHF’s 57- county service area. The goal is to create a coalition registry and database that will be shared as a resource to communities to help improve health across Texas.