Spreading Transformation – the One Simple Way You Can Help

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Northwest Assistance Ministries (NAM) pediatrician Dr. Heather Moore treats a patient in the children’s clinic. NAM was one of 15 grant partners announced by EHF in May.


May 13, 2015 marked a substantial milestone for the Episcopal Health Foundation. After more than a year of planning, we announced our first-ever grant partners.

EHF’s Board of Directors approved more than $2.4 million in grant awards to partners working to improve community health in Texas.

“We believe every grant partner is part of the change we think is necessary to achieve community health,” said Elena Marks, EHF’s president and CEO.

Some of these grant partners are starting innovative programs to address the root causes of health problems. Others are receiving needed operational funds to help grow their infrastructure to support client services. Many of our grant partners are sharing the information and lessons learned from successful programs to help other organizations make long-lasting change to community health.

But there is one thing most of our first grant partners have in common – they are almost all located in and around the Houston and Austin metropolitan areas.

As we all know, the need to improve community health is not limited to these metropolitan areas. The need exists in many other parts of the 57 counties within the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. That’s why we want to encourage more non-profit organizations, clinics and other groups whose work aligns with our funding strategies to apply for an EHF grant.

We know many organizations are working to improve health systems, connect their communities, and helping to create lasting change in areas outside of Houston and Austin. They’re providing access to care. They’re helping give voices to those who feel they have none. They are not just treating the symptoms of poor health; they are helping to prevent poor health.

And we know they need a helping hand to do that work.

Many of these groups may not be aware of the Episcopal Health Foundation, our vision and the availability of grants that can invest in their good work.

So, we’re asking you to share our vision of transformation to healthy communities with these groups:

Send them a link to this V1SION blog post

Point them to our website

Ask them to explore how to apply for a grant

However, it’s not all about grants — we’re collaborating and joining together with many different groups to spark long-term, community-wide solutions to health problems.

Our research is guiding us to the best ways to make this positive change and we’re using the power of 80,000 Episcopal parishioners to reach out to communities. Through it all, we’re dedicated to measuring our true impact to make sure we’re on the right track toward transformation.

Together, we can help qualifying organizations build on their work to improve community health and spread transformation throughout our entire 57 counties.