Texan's Views on Social Determinants of Health - EHF Report

NEW Poll: Majority of Texans say having good medical care is not enough to live a healthy life

A majority of Texans think that having good medical care is not enough for a person to live a healthy life. Instead, Texans say non-medical factors like where you live, how much money you make, and how much stress you have are critical to your overall health. Those are just some of the results of Episcopal Health Foundation’s first-of-its-kind statewide survey on social determinants of health in Texas.

NEW MAP: What your neighborhood says about your life expectancy in Texas

New numbers show there can be more than a 20-year difference in how long Texans live in one neighborhood compared to another, even though they may only be a few miles apart. That’s just one of the findings from an Episcopal Health Foundation analysis of a new, interactive mapping tool that shows life expectancy rates for neighborhoods across Texas.

Texas Managed Care Organization Social Determinants of Health Learning Collaborative: Kickoff Meeting Summary

With support from the Episcopal Health Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the Center for Health Care Strategies (CHCS), in collaboration with the Texas Association of Health Plans (TAHP), the Texas Association of Community Health Plans (TACHP), and Texas Health and Human Services (Texas HHS) convened the first in-person meeting for the MCO SDOH Learning Collaborative (LC) in October 2019. The report is a summary of meeting content, key opportunities for learning, and proposed next steps for the learning collaborative.

Moving Upstream – How Health Plans in Texas Address the Social Determinants of Health

This webinar and slide presentation present findings from surveys and interviews with 14 Texas health plans regarding their efforts to address social determinants of health (SDOH) among their members. After a brief presentation of results, representatives from health plan associations share their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities facing health plans attempting to work upstream.