Report Type: Medicaid Expansion in Texas

Texas Health Policy Poll on Access and Affordabilty

A large majority of Texans say it’s very important for candidates to address issues that make health care more affordable, and more than half say state lawmakers should increase state spending on health care. Those are just some the results of a new statewide Episcopal Health Foundation (EHF) poll on health care access and affordability in Texas.

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Kaiser Family Foundation: New Incentive for States to Adopt the ACA Medicaid Expansion – Implications for State Spending, February 2021

A Congressional Committee’s proposal as part of the COVID-19 relief package aims to encourage states that haven’t expanded Medicaid under the ACA to take up expansion by providing an additional temporary fiscal incentive. This issue brief from Kaiser Family Foundation provides illustrative estimates of the net fiscal benefit to states from these incentives relative to state costs under expansion.

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