Report Type: Health Policy Reports

Behavioral Health in Harris County

The purpose of this study is to get a more expansive understanding of
behavioral health services available in Harris County, where behavioral health services are understood to include mental health services, substance use treatment and prevention, and integrated health care. The goal is to identify agencies that provide these services in Harris County and describe the services they offer, the population they serve, and their
organizational capacity.

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New report: Large increase in number of community clinics in Harris County over the past decade leads to three times higher patient volume

The number of community clinics in Harris County providing primary care to low-income and uninsured patients has more than doubled in the past 10 years, which in turn has tripled patient volume, but difficulty connecting those patients with specialty care is a significant concern. Those are just a few of the conclusions of a new report that examines 10 years of community health clinic trends based on data and surveys from dozens of clinics across Houston and Harris County. Five Houston-area philanthropic institutions that provide funding for health-related initiatives and projects sponsored the report: The Cullen Trust for Health Care, Episcopal Health Foundation, Houston Endowment, Rockwell Fund and The Simmons Foundation.

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