Update: Texas takeaways from 2015 ACA enrollment

Close to half of Texas enrollees who participated in the 2015 open enrollment of Affordable Care Act’s Health Insurance Marketplace plans are new enrollees. Texas enrollees are also more likely to receive federal subsidies and live in urban areas. That’s according to an Episcopal Health Foundation (EHF) analysis of state-by-state statistics released by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


HHS statistics now show 1,306,208 Texans enrolled in Marketplace plans during the 2015 open enrollment period from November 1 – January 31, 2016. This compares to 918,890 Texans who enrolled in 2014 and 733,757 in 2013.

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EHF extracted data from the federal report to learn more about the 2015 Texas enrollees such as whether they were new to the Marketplace or were re-enrolling, the kinds of plans they selected, and their demographic characteristics.

Here’s what EHF researchers found:

  • Of the 1,306,208 Texas enrollees, 685,042 (52%) were re-enrollees and 621,166 (48%) were new enrollees. (Figure 1 below)
  • Of the 1,306,208 Texas enrollees, 1,097,215 (84%) received federal subsidies and 208,993 (16%) did not. (Figure 2 below)

Fig 1 & 2 ACA Consumers Mar-2016.JPG 

  • Of the 685,042 re-enrollees, 461,024 (67%) actively re-enrolled and 224,018 (33%) were auto-re-enrolled. (Figure 3)
  • Of the 461,024 active re-enrollees, 328,228 (71%) switched plans and 132,796 (29%) re-enrolled in the same plan. (Figure 4)

Fig 3 & 4 Re-enrollees Mar-2016.JPG

Other key findings:

Fig 5 Types of Plans Mar-2016.JPGFig 6 & 7 key findings Mar-2016.JPG

Fig 8, 9 & 10 key findings Mar-2016.JPG

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