Marks: Texas can’t afford to pass up Medicaid expansion

EHF’s Elena Marks writes that Texas has the means to make health coverage a reality for more than one million low-income Texans. She says state leaders hold the keys and how can we look hard-working Texans in the eyes knowing what we know, and say we just decided not to do anything about it?

NEW VIDEO: Improving #HealthNotJustHealthCare during COVID-19

The pandemic has hit low-income communities of color particularly hard. WATCH NOW to see how EHF doubled down on efforts to improve community conditions so everyone can have a fair shot at a healthy life. Learn more in our new short film about our work:

The Role of Telehealth During COVID-19 and Beyond

EHF’s Jennifer Meier writes that by implementing innovative telehealth policies and strengthening connectivity across the state beyond COVID-19, the state can move the needle toward better health outcomes for all Texans.