Goal 2 – Activate Communities

EHF’s grantmaking supports community-based organizations to develop the capacity to engage community members, particularly low-income populations, to become advocates for health, and to support communities in adopting new ways of problem solving. All efforts should have a goal of developing positive influence on the health of community members.

Examples of this kind of work include but are not limited to:

• Building the capacity of community-based organizations by helping them assess their strengths and opportunities and to undertake organizational development activities that address health-related factors

• Supporting organizations to develop/strengthen business models for financial and programmatic sustainability

• Increasing the number and reach of grassroots community organizing groups that advocate for community health

• Expansion of work to new service areas

• Supporting the development of new leaders within communities

• Ensuring that client-facing community partners have the skills and resources needed to actively engage those they serve as influential beneficiaries

• Strengthening existing health coalitions

• Strengthening ability to advocate in furtherance of community health and advancing Medicaid expansion

We recognize the important role that the faith community can play in creating conditions to promote community health. EHF supports our congregations in this work through the efforts of our congregational engagement team, however, we do not provide funding opportunities for congregations through this application process.

To learn how congregations may access financial support, please visit the For Congregations section.