Final Grant Expenditure Report

In the grant contract, we ask our grantees to provide financial information at the end of the grant project period.  Specifically, EHF is interested in how grant funds are actually spent compared to the approved grant budget. 

Please complete and submit the Final Grant Expenditure Report recording all project activities completed to date with EHF funds. 

Expenses should be reported cumulatively or year-to-date from the start date of the project.  As an alternative, grantees can use their organization’s internal financial statements to report the grant expenditures.  Either form is acceptable.

If there is an unspent grant balance remaining, please contact your Program Officer to discuss the reason for unspent funds as well as thoughts on a proposed timeline for spending the balance.

NOTE:  The Final Grant Expenditure Report must be submitted via our grants online portal when completing the Grantee Final Report.

To complete the Final Grant Expenditure Report, simply follow these steps:

  • First, refer to your approved grant budget BEFORE completing this report
  • Download and complete the report
  • Save the report in your computer with a new name as a Microsoft Excel document.

When complete, attach and submit via our grants online portal. When you open the file, a tab with Instructions is also available.

Please direct any questions about this report to Jimmy Donelson, Grants Administrator