Your COMPLETE GUIDE to Applying for an EHF Grant

Learn everything you need to know about what you should do before, during and after you apply for a grant.

The Episcopal Health Foundation is now accepting applications for a 2015 grant! EHF’s online grant application system has been up and running since January 5 and can be found through the Grant-making section of our website.

Before your organization begins the application process, make sure you’re ready to prepare a solid application by thinking about transformation and how that would be done by your organization and its service to community health.

“Don’t be narrowly focused on the mechanics of filling out an application,” said Jo Carcedo, Vice President for Grant-making. “Instead, there are bigger, more powerful questions to ask yourselves before even trying to complete the application.”

In her recent post on EHF’s V1SION Blog, Carcedo responds to the one question she gets more than any other: “What constitutes a good grant proposal?” Carcedo encourages potential grant applicants to focus less on the “way things are” and more on the “way things could and should be.”

“Ask, is there one thing that hasn’t been done that we could do in order to reach a deeper level of service or support us in taking bold steps?” Carcedo writes. “Alignment to us means that your organization is taking the bold steps that create transformational change. It requires re-imagining every step of the current process in order to achieve systemic and organizational change that is long lasting.”

Once your organization develops your grant application idea. our Apply for a Grant page is your one-stop guide to everything you need to start the process.  It includes links to EHF’s Strategic Plan and explanations of our vision, goals and strategies. We’ve also included Frequently Asked Questions, a Glossary of Terms, and you can review all of the grant application questions before you apply.  If you missed one of our Grant Workshops, we posted videos and presentation slides for you to review.

Keep up with all of our grant-making updates by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and reading our V1SION Blog.  You can also contact a program officer by sending an email to or using our Contact Us page.