What’s New for 2020? The Clinic Pathways Approach

Learn about a new, multi-level funding opportunity aimed at moving population health to the forefront of community-based clinic work and see what's needed to qualify.

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In 2020, EHF will offer community-based clinics the opportunity to apply for enhanced multi-level funding through the new Clinics Pathway Approach. It’s an effort to move population health to the forefront of clinic work by building clinics’ fundamental capacities for population health work and value-based payment system design. 

“We’re working to change the status quo,” says Jo Carcedo, EHF’s VP for Grants. “This is an effort to position clinics differently to move beyond patient work to community prevention. And it begins to answer the question, ‘How do we pay for it?'”

Our “bet” is that if clinics provide comprehensive services, address patients’ social determinants of health, use population health approaches, and engage in community prevention, then resources currently used for medical services could be redeployed to upstream work and better health outcomes for patients and communities.

Clinics interested in participating in this multi-level funding opportunity must send leadership at the CEO, CFO, and/or CMO level to a workshop (either in person or via video conference):

November 13
10:30a.m. to 3:30p.m

The Council on Recovery
303 Jackson Hill St., Houston, TX 77007


Other staff from the clinic team are welcome to attend. The workshop will further explain the EHF’s effort and will provide resources for successful completion of a required Readiness Assessment. Applicants will have an opportunity to ask questions and meet the consultants who will be providing technical assistance for the Clinics Pathway Approach.

If you’re interested in EHF’s Clinics Pathway Approach and your leadership is unable to participate in the workshop, please contact EHF as soon as possible.

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