Watch Now: Wellness Talks by The Rev. Scott Stoner on Living Compass

Discover how Living Compass supports wellness for congregations and communities

Living Compass resources are designed to support positive mental health practices and help build strength, and resilience in the areas of heart, soul, strength and mind.  These are not new dimensions of wellness, they are ancient and Biblically rooted in both the Old and New Testaments calls to ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind.’  -Deuteronomy 6:5, Luke 10:27”


The Rev. Scott Stoner joined EHF, the Episcopal Diocese of Texas Wellness Ministry, and Seminary of the Southwest during the national Episcopal General Convention in Austin to participate in the “Well Talks” series that emphasized community health, wellness, issues of food security, and active faith.

Since 2016, EHF has supported congregations from Austin to Tyler to Galveston to utilize Living Compass as an approach to support healthy communities and advance positive mental health and resiliency through “wellness, wholeness, and holiness.”

Living Compass offers tools that churches can use with individuals and small groups to create an understanding of mental health, social support, spiritual health, and cooperation to heal self and community.

In these short “Well Talks”, the Rev. Scott Stoner and Holly Stoner share ways Living Compass tools can benefit different groups and audiences in the community.


Starting Expanding Wellness


Starting a Teen Wellness Initiative


Parent Wellness


Living Well, Leading Well

For more information about the Living Compass program and congregation programs, read the article “Living Compass program helps congregations advance positive mental health” in EHF’s Congregation Connection.

Click here to see all of the Wellness Talks including topics on active faith, racial reconciliation, community organizing, and more.


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