TACHI efforts featured in video series at the American Public Health Association’s national meeting

See the new video highlighting work being done by the six community sites participating in EHF's Texas Accountable Communities for Health Initiative.

We’re proud to share a new video being featured at the American Public Health Association 2023 annual conference by APHA TV. The story highlights the transformative efforts of the Texas Accountable Communities for Health Initiative (TACHI).

Created by EHF, with support from our partner St. David’s Foundation, TACHI is changing the way Texas thinks about health – from one that is centered on the health care system to one that values health equity and multi-sector partnerships. It’s an ambitious model currently being used by six TACHI sites across the state to address underlying, root causes of poor health and find sustainable solutions for the entire community.

Greater Longview Optimal Wellness (GLOW) is a great example, where innovative strategies are being employed to address non-medical drivers of health to reduce ER overuse and improve health outcomes for those in Longview who face serious barriers to good health.

Each TACHI site, including GLOW, brings a unique approach, driven by the specific needs and assets of the community. This model demonstrates adaptability and responsiveness to diverse community needs.

Learn more about how TACHI is revolutionizing community health in Texas