On the road with EHF

Learn about the recent events, meetings, and celebrations EHF staff attended.

Every week, EHF’s work has our leaders and staff traveling across our 57 counties and beyond. We’re spreading our vision of transformation to healthy communities and we’re always learning new ways to reach that vision.

Here’s just a sample of where EHF has been recently:


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EHF’s Diocesan engagement officer Lisa Madry and program officer Jennifer Herrera made a trip to Liberty to meet with members from St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church and community partners who make up Liberty’s Health Awareness Coalition. Jennifer left inspired after hearing a priest ask his outreach team, “How do we move from charity work to transformational work?” Read the V1SION Blog post she wrote about the meeting.


Boston, MA
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EHF’s Sandra Wegmann and Suzanne Leahy attended The Learning Conference 2015 presented by Grantmakers for Effective Oganizations on June 9-12. Sandra is EHF’s learning officer and Suzanne is our evaluation officer. They spent the week connecting with leading nationwide experts on learning and evaluation in philanthropy. Learn more.


Baker Institute at Rice University, Houston
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CEO Elena Marks introduced the Health Policy Forum luncheon at the Baker Institute on June 12. Vivian Ho, the chair in health economics at Baker and director of the institute’s Center for Health and Biosciences, speaks at the annual lunch and provides updates the latest on the Affordable Care Act and health reform in Texas. Key predictions from this year’s update: If the U.S. Supreme Court rules against subsidies in the Affordable Care Act, most of the one million Texans who bought plans would likely lose coverage.


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Lexi Nolen, VP for Impact, spoke at the It’s Time Texas symposium on creating a culture of health in Texas on June 16. Moderated by the Texas Tribune’s Evan Smith, Lexi joined other experts from Texas’ government, academic, health and business sectors to talk about the challenges and opportunities toward transforming the health of Texans and Texas communities.

Most “favorited” Tweet about Lexi’s speech:

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Troy Bush, EHF’s community engagement officer, traveled to Waco to attend the city’s Juneteenth celebration with our friends at Prosper Waco on June 20. EHF is working with the group by helping develop and execute a plan of community engagement for the collective impact project. Learn more.