New Factor Health study finds empathy-focused phone calls may improve depression

The Sunshine Calls study, funded in part by EHF, shows the impact of finding new ways to improve HEALTH, not just health care outside of the doctor's office.

A new Factor Health study, funded in part by EHF with Dell Medical School and Meals on Wheels of Central Texas reveals that empathy-focused “Sunshine Calls” can significantly improve depression, contributing to healthier lives.

These brief weekly calls offer emotional support and encouragement. Trained volunteers provide empathetic listening during these calls to those receiving Meals on Wheels services.

The study showed a 28% reduction in depression symptoms for recipients.

Factor Health tests and builds programs at scale to deliver health outside of traditional settings such as clinics and hospitals. Sunshine Calls are another example of the impact of addressing #HealthNotJustHealthCare in new and different ways!
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