NEW VIDEO: EHF research works to get the complete picture of community health

EHF's community-health needs research projects get a closer look at health concerns in Baytown, Beaumont, and three neighborhoods in Southwest Houston.

From the V1SION Blog:

Troy Bush-DiDonato, EHF’s community engagement officer, explains the reasoning behind our latest community-based research project looking at health needs in three neighborhoods across Southwest Houston. Participants met in small groups to talk about health concerns and also took photos of things they see as healthy and unhealthy in their neighborhood.

The video was taken at the Community Listening Tour in Sharpstown where neighbors saw their photos displayed and learned about findings from the research project. EHF led similar projects in Baytown and Beaumont.

Click here to see comprehensive and summary reports for each research project

EHF partnered with Legacy Community Health for all three projects. Other partners include ProSalud in Houston, Texas AHEC East & Epistelos in Baytown, and Lamar University in Beaumont.