Lisa Madry named EHF’s new Director of Community Engagement

Madry will now oversee all of EHF's engagement work with communities, coalitions, and congregations.

EHF-Lisa Ma.jpg

EHF is pleased to announce the appointment of Lisa Madry as its new Director of Community Engagement.

Madry joined EHF during its first full year of operation and was the Foundation’s first Congregational Engagement Officer. For four years, she’s helped Episcopal churches across the diocese build sustainable, effective ministries in their communities. Madry was promoted to Senior Congregational Engagement Officer in 2017.

In her new role, Madry will lead all of EHF’s engagement work with community-based organizations, health-oriented coalitions, and more than 150 Episcopal congregations. She’ll develop and implement the overall strategy and planning for this important work that’s designed to guide communities to become advocates for health and help congregations organize their efforts to have the greatest impact on their communities’ health.

Madry came to EHF with more than 20 years in leadership roles in community development with a deep commitment to social justice, faith-based organizing and leadership improvement.

One of her first duties in this new role is to hire a new Congregational Engagement Officer to work with EHF’s team.

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