Houston congregations developing organizing skills to deepen community relationships

Fifteen Houston-area congregations attended a kick-off meeting for EHF’s partnership with The Metropolitan Organization (TMO).

Willie Bennett TMO.JPG

EHF is exploring a number of ways we can support congregational leaders who are interested in deepening their connection and relationships with individuals and organizations in their communities. In a survey of congregations we conducted last spring, many congregations expressed a desire to build stronger relationships and gain a deeper knowledge of the needs and interests of families in their communities. We believe connected communities are a vital component of healthy communities.

In response, EHF is partnering with The Metropolitan Organization (TMO) to provide training to Houston-area congregational leaders interested in:

  • learning more about the people, health challenges, and assets in their communities
  • building relational skills to be more effective community partners and create social change for health
  • deepening their understanding of the service mission of the church

Representatives from 15 congregations attended the initial meeting at Christ Church Cathedral to learn more about the training and leadership development opportunities available through our partnership with TMO at the individual congregational level, as well as alongside other congregations from diverse race, class and religious communities. In the spring of 2016, there will also be a two-day leadership training for Houston-area congregations (dates to be announced).

If your congregation is interested in training and leadership development that can foster stronger community relationships and address community needs more effectively, email Lisa Madry