Updated Episcopal Asset Map offers more ways to showcase Episcopal Church ministries!

Explore how Episcopal churches are making an impact in their communities


The Episcopal Health Foundation has partnered with the Episcopal Diocese of Texas to continue to populate and update the asset map to reflect the impactful ministries and programs available throughout the diocese. You can visit the Diocese of Texas page to find ministries near you!

​Did you know that there are 17 Episcopal churches in the Houston area with community gardens? Did you know seven congregations around Austin serve homeless populations? With a simple keyword search and a click of a button, you can use the newly-updated Episcopal Asset Map to see what other congregations across the country are doing in their communities, and then connect with churches that have shared interests.

The Episcopal Asset Map is a powerful online platform that allows Episcopal churches to share the ways they are responding to the call to serve God and neighbor. The map is now more user friendly and has been updated to provide more detailed information. 

The map began as a way for Episcopal churches and other entities to share information about their ministries and outreach programs all in one easily-accessible place. Since its launch in 2015, Episcopal congregations and entities in more than 30 dioceses have worked to update their profiles to reflect the work they are doing in their communities.

Recently, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry talked about the importance of the Asset Map for the Episcopal Church.

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 11.24.31 AM.png

You can watch his message in the video here. He notes the asset map is “updated, user-friendly and now includes virtually the entire Episcopal Church from the largest cathedral to the smallest house church.”

The Episcopal Asset Map’s upgrade includes the following major changes:

  • New user-interface with a fresh look
  • Enhanced search capabilities
  • Improved visibility for Episcopal church-wide networks to display their data
  • Updated landing pages for Episcopal dioceses and networks to also share their own stories and connect people across The Episcopal Church

Make sure your congregation’s page is up to date!
The asset map relies on each congregation to update their own page so if your congregation’s page is not up to date, people won’t be able to find you! The map is a grassroots-led initiative, which means you do not have to be clergy or a congregational leader in order to submit changes to your profile. Anyone can suggest changes, which will be reviewed and approved.

In addition, the map includes basic information on each church, including leadership, physical location and worship times. This information is paired with data about the congregation’s community outreach. Some smaller congregations are using their asset map pages as an alternative to a traditional website.

 Visit The Episcopal Asset Map through the Diocese of Texas to update your congregation’s profile!

Please utilize this tool to not only share your congregation’s story, but to search for areas of interest in your area and to identify where the Diocese and EHF’s work is touching your community.

EHF will approve and publish your submission. If you have any questions regarding the asset map or how to best utilize the tool, please contact us.