EHF's founding CEO talked about her upcoming retirement, how EHF's mission will only become more important, and why the conversation about health care has changed for the better

EHF’s Elena Marks and the foundation’s work to address the non-medical, underlying causes of poor health were featured by KPRC-TV in Houston during an interview on its Sunday morning Houston Newsmakers program.

“Eighty percent of what determines your health outcomes, how long you’re going to live, how healthy a life you’ll live, are not determined by health care,” Marks said. “They’re determined by social and environmental and economic factors. We’ve worked really hard to change the focus on the conversation to focus on health and not just health care.”

Host Khambrel Marshall also discussed EHF’s effort to make women’s health one of the priorities of comprehensive, community-based clinical care.

“We believe very strongly that comprehensive care includes access to all of the FDA approved methods of birth control, that they need to be affordable and accessible to all women,” she said.

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