EHF’s Grantee SPOTLIGHT: AccessHealth

EHF's new Grantee SPOTLIGHT series highlights the incredible work of EHF's grantees and the individuals whose health and communities have benefited from their efforts. In this SPOTLIGHT, see how AccessHealth discovered the importance of sidewalks to community health.


AccessHealth, an award-winning federally qualified health center that has provided essential health services, regardless of ability to pay, since 1975. Over the years, our partnership has transformed how we think about addressing community health. 

When AccessHealth listened to their community, they found an unexpected priority – sidewalks. A critical component to a healthy lifestyle, safe sidewalks provide opportunities for exercise, reduce isolation, and connect communities. 

Sidewalks are so simple and they underscore why improving #HealthNotJustHealthCare is about building a culture of health at all levels, reshaping not only Texas communities, but the way the entire medical system approaches health.