EHF’s Elena Marks testifies at hearing, submits letter to HHSC on Medicaid funding for Texas

Read Marks' letter calling on Texas leaders to include expanded health insurance coverage, enrollment support, prioritized primary care, and a focus on non-medical factors impacting health as part of the state's application for Medicaid funding.
The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) recently held its final hearing on federal Medicaid funding for the state. During the hearing, EHF president and CEO Elena Marks was among the many who testified that Texas needs to extend what’s called the 1115 Waiver that provides funding to help cover hospitals that treat uninsured patients. But she says while that’s crucial, it’s not a substitute for expanded health insurance coverage.
Marks called on the state & HHSC to:
  • Find a Texas health insurance coverage solution for the high rate and number of uninsured
  • Include a program to support enrollment for Medicaid, CHIP, and Affordable Care Act health insurance
  • Use this opportunity to fund a program to address the non-medical factors that impact health even more than medical care

Read the complete letter to HHSC

In addition to her testimony, Marks also submitted a detailed letter outlining her support for the waiver and recommending changes needed to strengthen the state’s application for funding.

State health leaders need to hear your voice as they consider future Medicaid funding for Texas!

In the public comment process, join EHF in calling on Texas to include expanded health insurance coverage as part of the state’s plan.

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The deadline to submit comments is June 28, 2021

Every comment will become part of Texas’ official application for Medicaid funding.