EHF launches Collaborating for Healthy Communities Initiative

Learn about the new capacity-building effort that aims to strengthen existing community groups that are working to improve health in Texas.

New capacity-building initiative aims to strengthen community groups working to improve health in Texas

From the beginning, EHF has worked to be a philanthropic resource for advancing collaborative efforts to improve community health. It’s part of EHF’s goal to activate communities by helping them take charge of their own health and build connections that transcend difference.

EHF’s new Collaborating for Healthy Communities initiative aims to strengthen existing health-focused coalitions and collaborative efforts by improving their effectiveness, leadership, and sustained ability to take action to improve health.

We invite existing coalitions to learn more by joining us on September 29 for a virtual convening.

The three-hour launch will include valuable information and discussion that will help EHF learn more about these groups and help coalitions find out how they can become involved in the Collaborating for Healthy Communities initiative. Interested coalitions can register here to attend the convening.

Do you know a coalition working in your community? Let us know about it

The first step of the new initiative is to identify current health-focused coalitions and other community efforts that are working across EHF’s 57-county service area. The goal is to create a coalition registry and database that will be used to invite these groups to the convening on September 29. The database will be also shared as a resource to help communities improve health across Texas.

Current coalitions and groups can complete a survey here to tell us more about their participating organizations and efforts