Join congregations across the state for faith-based event aimed at addressing health needs for ALL Texans

EHF invests in statewide Health Justice Sabbath event focused on helping congregations express the importance of accessible health care in Texas.

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Congregations across the state will join together in November to launch a meaningful conversation on health in Texas. One of EHF’s grant partners, Texas Interfaith Center for Public Policy is hosting a Health Justice Sabbath event November 18-20 to encourage congregations to lift up health through prayer, study and action. The goal is to engage people of faith across Texas in a meaningful, non-partisan discussion about health and the need for access to care for ALL in Texas that rises above politics.

As a Foundation rooted in faith, EHF believes ALL Texans deserve to live a healthy life — especially the poor and those with the least resources. We express our faith by supporting the well-being and health of those around us. We believe ALL Texans should be able to receive high-quality, affordable medical care when and where they need it.

Yet, far too many Texans are in crisis. Our state ranks near the bottom when it comes to the health of our parents, children and families. We have the most people without health insurance in America. Too many of our loved ones die prematurely from heart disease and strokes. The number of Texas children suffering from asthma is big enough to fill every seat in Houston’s NRG Stadium eight times over.

Your participation in the Health Justice Sabbath will help Texas focus on the importance of health care for all Texans and help you better understand the health-related needs and interests of the people in your congregation and community. Participation is flexible and you can engage at whatever level seems appropriate for your congregation at this time.

The Health Justice Sabbath website has worship resources as well as other tools you can use to organize events or facilitate conversations in your congregation.

You can also use EHF’s new, interactive County Health Data tool to help inform discussion topics or priority areas for your participation in the Health Justice Sabbath event. You can learn more about the plight of the uninsured across the state by exploring EHF’s statewide research on the Uninsured and the Affordable Care Act in Texas.

Sign up here to participate in the Health Justice Sabbath event. For more information about the initiative, please visit the Health Justice Sabbath website. You can also contact Scott Atnip, Congregational Outreach Director for Texas Impact at (512) 472-3903.

As always, please contact EHF if you need more information or would like a talking partner to develop activities focused on this or any other health outreach effort.