EHF debuts new Activating Communities webpages

New webpages outline our Community Engagement work, including available EHF workshops, to help support organizations in raising the voices of community members to influence health.

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EHF believes successful solutions to the complex problems that affect a community’s health require the input of those most affected by the issues. That’s why EHF’s Community Engagement team works with community organizations to raise the voices of all people to develop meaningful, long-lasting, health-focused solutions for entire communities.

EHF’s new, user-friendly Activating Communities section of our website outlines this important work and three actions we’re taking to build health-promoting communities:

  1. Building the capacity of organizations
  2. Strengthening health-based community coalitions
  3. Developing community health leaders to take action

For each action, EHF offers workshops to help leaders, organizations and coalitions learn how to do this meaningful community engagement work. Plus, our Resource Center offers more tools and information to support a variety of community efforts.

Through EHF’s support, you can learn to:

  • Listen and learn from the community
  • Develop and/or improve services based on community participation
  • Target resources where they are most effective and valued by the community
  • Be publicly accountable by sharing information on decision-making
  • Bring diverse voices into the planning process and allow for consideration of perspectives that would not otherwise be heard or understood
  • Build the capacity of coalitions
  • Support and facilitate community convenings

“We hope that you’ll explore these pages and be inspired to connect with your community,” said Maryland M. Grier, EHF’s senior community engagement officer. “We also hope you’ll reach out to us to learn more about how EHF can best support you in improving the health of the people and communities you serve through engagement efforts.”

Your feedback is very important to us as we strive to develop an Activating Communities section that is valuable to you.

Click here to comment on these webpages, learn more about tools and resources, or to send us general questions about EHF’s Community Engagement Work.