Poverty Transformation Cohort

EHF Poverty Transformation Cohort | 2021

Virtual Cohort

We are accepting applications through June 4, 2021

About the Poverty Transformation Cohort

Do you think it is time for a change? Do you feel like your ministry is spinning its wheels? Are you feeling stuck in your ministry? Want to make your ministry relevant in a post-pandemic world? Then the transformation cohort may be for you. This cohort is designed to help you take your community garden, food, school, and/or homeless ministries to the
next level of engagement with your community.

The Episcopal Health Foundation’s (EHF) Congregational Engagement Team is launching a Poverty Transformation Cohort to help congregations move from charity-focused, transactional ministries to more transformative, community-engaged ministries. The cohort will encourage congregations to engage in conversation and cultivate partnerships within their communities. The process will expose congregations to innovative ways to interact within their community.

EHF is committed to moving Episcopal Church ministries from a transactional/direct service approach, to one that engages the community. Examples of transformational ministry are those that meet with members of the community to determine what is needed, involve them in decision making, and/or participate as partners in the ministry.


Your congregation should have an existing outreach ministry. It must also be willing to target and reach out to the community you are serving for conversation or for involvement in the ministry. The process will require a team with a minimum of three people to participate. At least two team members should attend per session, with one person attending all sessions. The cohort will include an orientation session and 3 one-hour sessions led by
consultants with poverty expertise. 

Overview of the Process and Key Dates

  • June 4, 2021: Application Due
  • June 17, 2021: Orientation Webinar
  • August/September 2021: 3 Learning Sessions with EHF Consultants

We are accepting applications for the program through June 4, 2021

Contact Us!

We encourage you to consult with an EHF Congregational Engagement staff member if you have any questions or concerns regarding the Poverty Transformation Cohort.

Congregational Engagement Staff: