Congregation Connection

For EHF, improving #HealthNotJustHealthcare is more than just advocating for affordable access to medical care.

It’s standing against structural racism and implicit bias that directly affect communities of color every day.

It’s working to make changes to improve community and neighborhood safety without the fear of police brutality.

It’s raising the voice of all communities so they can begin to take charge of their own health through positive change.

It’s unity, not division.

It’s time.

As we recently said in response to COVID-19, we live in a complex society where diversity of lived experience should be respected and celebrated and not result in poorer health outcomes and increased vulnerability to hate. We understand that many of our communities continue to suffer from the harm of racism. Until we address both the explicit and implicit racism that affects our society, true healing cannot occur and its impact on health cannot be reduced.

Like many of the Episcopal churches partnering with EHF to work towards racial reconciliation can attest, this work is not easy.

But we can no longer afford to ignore the imperative to do it.