Congregation Connection

How would your community look if the most disconnected youth had mentorship, peers, and a supportive community? Houston reVision is boldly asking Harris County to imagine that future. Houston reVision was founded in 2012 as a partnership between St. Martin’s Episcopal Church, St. Luke’s United Methodist Church and Harris County Juvenile Probation Department in Houston.

The mission is to “build connections for disconnected youth,” especially those involved in the juvenile justice system. reVision focuses both on providing programming for youth and working in partnership with institutions to help kids together.

In the video interview below, Charles Rotramel, CEO of reVision, speaks on the transformative relational work of reVision and how they work with systems like school districts and the juvenile justice system towards solutions which benefit young people and the entire community.

In addition to the interview with Charles Rotramel, during our In Common workshop “Start Local: A Systems Approach to Address Racial Inequities,” Charles shared more about reVision’s response to working to support disconnected youth during COVID-19.

You can watch the entirety of that presentation here.

For additional information on this program and all of the work supported by EHF, please contact the Congregational Engagement team.