Learn about EHF’s $6.5 million in grants to strengthen community-based clinics, expand health benefits across the diocese

EHF has invested $6.5 million to help community-based clinics in Texas offer a wide range of preventive services and go beyond the exam room to address the non-medical causes of poor health. The investment also includes funding to help expand health insurance and other benefits to low-income, at-risk families.

“As we’ve seen with the dramatic impacts of COVID-19, medical care alone isn’t enough to keep people healthy because it ignores many of the underlying conditions that cause chronic illness like obesity, diabetes, and asthma,” said Elena Marks, EHF’s president and CEO. “We have to shift resources already in the health system to pay for more than just medical procedures. That way clinics can address non-medical factors like housing conditions, safe neighborhoods, healthy eating options, and other things that determine if Texans are healthy. A large portion of EHF’s investment is providing clinics with resources to be able to tackle these community conditions.” 

EHF’s $6.5 million investment includes:

  • $1.9 million to help community-based clinics work upstream to address underlying, non-medical conditions that affect health. It includes funding for Texas clinics participating in EHF’s ongoing Texas Community-Centered Health Homes (CCHH) Initiative. The CCHH initiative is a large-scale, long-term investment in getting community-based clinics to improve health, not just healthcare in the areas they serve.
  • More than $3.5 million to help community-based clinics provide comprehensive care (including preventive services, primary care, dental care, specialty referrals, and behavioral care) to low-income and populations in need.
  • $900,000 to organizations that are expanding health insurance coverage and other health-related benefits for Texans with the least resources. These organizations help enroll eligible Texans in programs and then follow up to ensure that these families use the health services covered by their plans.

“Since the COVID-19 crisis began, more than 1.6 million Texans have lost their jobs and their health insurance,” Marks said. “Enrollment in health insurance plans through Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act, and getting signed up for a wide range of other health-related benefits are now more important than ever for Texas families.”

Complete list of EHF grant recipients:

Strategy: Support community-based clinics to work upstream and address underlying, non-medical conditions that effect health

$150,000 Access Health in Fort Bend County (CCHH Clinic)

$155,000 – Genesis PrimeCare
in Northeast Texas

$280,000 Healthy Women Houston

$150,000 – Lone Star Circle of Care in Bastrop (CCHH Clinic)

$150,000Lone Star Family Health Center in Conroe (CCHH Clinic)

$178,983Memorial Hermann Community Benefit Corporation in Houston (CCHH Clinic)

$120,000 – Northeast Public Health District in Tyler

$500,000Northwest Assistance Ministries in Harris County (CCHH Clinic)

$152,675 – People’s Community Clinic in Austin (CCHH Clinic)

$150,000Waco Family Health Center (CCHH Clinic)


Strategy: Support comprehensive clinics 

$75,000 – Andrews Center in Tyler

$100,000 – Baylor College of Medicine’s Teen Health Clinic at Wisdom High School in Houston 

$250,000 – Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD in Harris County

$180,000 – Healthcare for the Homeless-Houston

$600,000 – Lone Star Circle of Care in Houston

$100,000 – Mama Sana Vibrant Woman in Austin

$450,000 – Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast in Houston

$450,000 – Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas in Tyler and Waco

$309,050 – Tejas Health Care in La Grange

$150,000 – The Council on Recovery in Houston

$400,000 – The Rose in Houston

$225,000 – The Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy across Texas

$281,500 – Vecino Health Centers
in Harris County

Strategy: Expand health coverage & benefits

$130,000 – Boat People S.O.S. in Houston

$255,000 – ECHOS in Houston

$150,000 – Every Texan in Austin

$89,216 – Light & Salt Association in Houston

$193,226 – SEARCH Homeless Services in Houston

$83,519 – The Beacon of Downtown Houston


Strategy: Strengthen rural health

 $83,500 – Samaritan Counseling of Southeast Texas in Beaumont