EHF’s Congregational Engagement team expands ways to communicate with congregations


Although we’re currently connecting regularly with 1,600+ congregation members and community partners throughout the diocese, we need your help to spread the word about EHF! Please share EHF’s communication resources with others in your congregation through your own newsletters, bulletins, social media and conversations:

  • Congregation Connection eNewsletter

EHF’s Congregation Connection tells the story of the work congregations are doing to create healthier communities. The now bi-monthly newsletter features articles about EHF’s congregational engagement work, successes from other congregations, and resource organizations or conferences that may help you network, learn, and share with others working in communities.

You can find more than 100 past stories in the EHF’s Congregation Connection. These stories provide an information exchange about what churches in the diocese are doing and EHF’s role in working with churches to improve their communities. We also highlight specific congregations and their work, and feature stories about community partners actively working with Episcopal churches.

Please share the Congregation Connection with others in your congregation or community partners who may be interested. Encourage them to sign up here to get the latest editions emailed to them every other month.

  • EHF Churches Facebook Group

Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 9.48.16 AM.pngThe EHF Churches Facebook group was launched in 2017, and now has more than 250 members! The group is designed to help congregations share their work, inspire and invite others to join in similar community projects. It’s also used to share timely information about events and other news that’s better suited to immediate distribution.

Join EHF Churches to connect directly with congregations, learn about current community work across the diocese, and to get timely updates from EHF and other congregations.

  • EHF Congregational Engagement Website and Resource Center

A section of EHF’s website is dedicated to resources to support congregations. EHF’s “For Congregations” section contains background information on issues like poverty and mental health, as well as tools for learning more about your community. These webpages include a list of all our upcoming training opportunities and includes additional conferences, training sessions and meetings offered by other groups that churches might find helpful. You can even apply for financial support to attend one of these conferences directly on the website. We update the website regularly so please come back and check it out from time to time!

  • Church Bulletins

We are considering developing a short summary of information that would be suitable for church bulletins, if congregations are interested. This would allow us to connect deeper into the pews, and respond to more of our Episcopal families’ needs in the diocese. If your church is interested, please contact us.

  • Program learning communities

As our programs on mental health, Holy Currencies, poverty, racial reconciliation, immigration, community organizing/civic engagement, and other topics continue to build, we are recognizing an opportunity to support learning communities across the diocese. Congregations can ask questions, share resources, learn from each other, and build collaboration in these program learning communities. If you’re interested in joining one of these  learning groups (whether you are currently working with EHF or not, and whether you have already started work or not), contact us and we’ll add you to the list as learning communities emerge.

  • In-Person Visits and Phone Consultations

EHF representatives can meet with your congregation to share more about our work and the ways your congregation can get involved in your community. We’re also available to talk by phone with congregational leaders if you have questions about how we can help. Contact us to schedule a time!


Have questions or want to learn more about how your congregation can help spread the word about EHF’s work?
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