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Learn more about EHF's financial support to help congregations launch or expand community initiatives that address poor health or improve community well-being.

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In addition to consulting and training support, congregations can receive up to $10,000 per year in financial support through EHF’s Congregational Engagement program to strengthen or develop ministries that support community health. Funding offered through Congregational Engagement is separate from EHF’s grantmaking process that provides funding to nonprofits and governmental agencies.

What are the requirements?
EHF offers support to congregations and institutions that are part of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas and serve the 57-county area of the diocese through their work. We’re dedicated to creating connected communities that work to address the root causes of poor health and improve community well-being. Congregations can be an important catalyst for partnerships in communities.

What will EHF’s Congregational Engagement program fund?
Since 2015, congregations have received support to improve or launch programs to make an impact on the health of communities. The funding helps congregations move beyond charity-based ministries to engage in transformational, relationship-building initiatives that partner with the community and its members.

Examples of support include:

  • Consulting to help develop a strategic plan for community development
  • Training to build knowledge and skills focused on issues that affect health
  • Community needs assessment for planning
  • Seed funding for a new ministry

Congregations that have requested and received EHF funds include:

  • St. Phillips in Hearne, Trinity in Jacksonville and St. John’s in Palacios recieved funding to partner with other community groups and develop an asset-based community development plan through the Texas Rural Leadership Program.
  • Grace in Houston received support for a comprehensive community needs assessment of the immediate geographic area surrounding the church. The goal was to better understand the health and wellness needs and then respond more effectively through the congregation’s initiatives.
  • Proyecto Santiago at St. James in Austin used congregational engagement funds to build relationships with local Spanish-speaking immigrant communities and offer Know Your Rights sessions as well as other community educational events.

What EHF does not fund
EHF does not provide financial support for on-going expenses for congregation’s ministries/programs, or individual requests for healthcare costs or education expenses. EHF also does not fund worship-related expenses.

How to apply for EHF Congregational Engagement financial support
To be considered for funding through EHF’s Congregational Engagement, a congregation must send an email with a written application that includes the information below. In addition, the head of congregation must submit a letter of acknowledgment and support for the proposal.

Application consists of the following items:

1)   Congregation or institution information and primary contact

2)   Description of the general initiative for which financial support is requested

3)   Whether technical support from EHF has been or will be sought as well, and if so, what that request involves.

4)   Whether this is a new initiative or expansion/improvement of an existing initiative

5)   Explain how this initiative is connected to EHF’s vision for transforming community health.

6)   Provide the total cost of the initiative, along with a basic budget for the funds you are requesting from EHF

7)   Be willing to provide information for reporting (including how funds were spent), results/outcomes from the experience, and other communication requests from EHF.

There are no deadlines for proposals and applications may be submitted at any time for review. One of our Congregational Engagement Officers will walk through the process with your congregation and review your application.

We encourage you to contact our Congregational Engagement team if your congregation is considering an application for financial support. EHF’s Congregational Engagement Officers are here to help walk you through the process.

Please contact Eric Moen 832-807-2582 or Lisa Madry 832-807-2586 for more information.

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