NEW video explains how Factor Health helps bring organizations together to create health interventions that work outside the doctor’s office

What if the health system paid for real-life health, not just medical care?

Dell Medical School’s Factor Health brings together social service providers, health care payers, and investors in new ways, building programs that make people healthier and proving that they work – a critical step that makes it possible for insurance to pay for them.

Funded in part by a $2.6 million grant from EHF, the program works to shift the focus to health, not just health care and creatively align unconventional partners to identify, prove and pay for drivers of health outside of more traditional settings like clinics and hospitals.

If you’re thinking about health outside the clinic, wanting to measure your impact on real-life health, or exploring ways to pay for – or get paid for – creative health interventions that work, learn more about how you can get involved: