NEW VIDEO: Dr. Ann Barnes talks about benefits of walking and safe places to exercise

“The Episcopal Health Foundation is really focused on empowering communities to own their health, and to tell us how we can support them in creating health promoting environments,” says Dr. Ann Barnes, EHF’s president and CEO.

Watch Ann’s interview below with Dr. Joseph G. Rogers at Texas Heart Institute to see why she says that having safe places to walk and exercise is just one of many non-medical factors that have a direct impact on a person’s health.

“When I was practicing medicine, one of the things that I found is that we could figure out how to get the person walking, whether it was in their neighborhood, in a local park, or even in their living room while they were watching television, I saw blood pressure drop,” Barnes said. “That was one of the earliest things I saw when I could get someone moving.”

Texas Heart Institute and Fit Houston launched the #WALK30 movement to encourage all Houstonians to walk 30 minutes a day for their health and wellness. You can learn more at