New tool helps congregations learn more about poverty and how it affects health

EHF's new Resource Center webpage outlines ways to help congregations reduce poverty in their community and see examples of poverty outreach programs working across the Diocese.

Greater Killeen Free Clinic vertical photo.png

EHF’s Congregational Engagement section features a Resource Center with background information on several issues that affect health. We developed it after congregations identified key health issues in their community in a recent EHF survey.  We’ve now added a new Poverty and Economic Insecurity page for those congregations interested in working to reduce poverty and create economic stability in their community.

The new webpage provides links to resources for church leaders who continue to recognize poverty as a complex community issue with major implications for individual and community health. It includes background information on the cycle of poverty, how it relates to health, and statistics for poverty in the US and Texas. In addition, there’s an interactive map (featured below) comparing the poverty rates and health outcomes for the 57 counties in our Diocese.

Congregations can now learn about training sessions focused on economic empowerment and resource organizations working specifically in the area of poverty. More importantly, the new page includes examples of poverty reduction programs currently working across the Diocese.

If your congregation is interested in working on an initiative to reduce poverty in your community, already has existing outreach programs in place, or has resource suggestions, please email us. We’d love to speak with you about how EHF can partner with you on your outreach work.