We’re in this TOGETHER. EHF is developing a long-term COVID-19 response

Social distancing, PPE shortages, empty store shelves. Our world has dramatically changed with COVID-19 and the situation continues to evolve each hour.

We know this is a stressful, scary time for all of us. At the same time, we know the organizations, clinics, and congregations we work with continue to serve the families, patients, and communities who depend on them, especially during this crisis.

First, please know that EHF stands behind you and we support you. Our focus has always been on improving community health in Texas beyond just the doctor’s office, and this crisis is a clear example of why that’s vitally important. COVID-19 is highlighting inequities in our health system and in many underlying community issues related to health. As always, we’re proud to stand with you to serve those who have the least resources, and your response to COVID-19 is yet another example of this important work.

We are still committed to achieving the audacious, long-term goals of our Strategic Plan. This crisis shows why our efforts to improve health, not just health care in Texas are so critical. We’ve talked with many grantees, community organizations, and congregations. We understand there will be interruptions, operational changes, and other modifications to the way organizations normally work. Some grantees and organizations may pause their work altogether in response to COVID-19 and we understand and support that decision. If you have other specific concerns or questions about a grant, situation, or project, please contact an EHF staff member.

EHF is currently developing a COVID-19 response plan that takes a strategic, long-term approach. While we don’t know what’s coming next in this crisis, we do know that there’s going to be a long road ahead. From millions of dollars in additional funding to launching loan programs, EHF is exploring many different options. Needs will change as the situation evolves, and we want to be sure EHF’s strategic response maximizes both resources and impact to the communities we serve. We expect to announce specific details about EHF’s COVID-19 response plan in the coming weeks.

We may not have all the answers to solve this crisis, but we do know we’re all in this together. Improving community health requires a team effort, especially in times like this. We’re committed to doing our part.


Elena Marks
President and CEO
Episcopal Health Foundation