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New EHF statewide poll shows uninsured Texans face far more difficult battle to access and afford basic medical care

Nearly half of all Texans say it’s difficult for them to pay for health care and 53% say they’ve skipped or postponed medical care because of cost. But Texans without health insurance face much more difficulty affording medical care and are far more likely to skip going to the doctor. Those are some of the findings from EHF’s statewide poll on affordability and access to health care in Texas.  

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NEW EHF survey shows less than half of Texans “very likely” to get a COVID-19 vaccine

Less than half of Texans say they’re very likely to get a COVID-19 vaccine and certain groups are even more hesitant. But there are some Texans who now appear more likely to get vaccinated than just a few months ago. Those are some of the latest findings from Episcopal Health Foundation’s statewide survey completed in December that examined the likelihood of Texans to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

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New EHF survey shows how Harris County has been impacted by COVID-19

A majority of people who live in Harris County say they’ve suffered financial troubles during COVID-19 and almost half say they or someone in their household has lost a job, lost a business, or had their wages or hours reduced. Those are just some of the findings from Episcopal Health Foundation’s survey of the impacts of COVID-19 in Harris County that was co-sponsored by Arnold Ventures.

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