CENSUS 2020 UPDATE: New training manual available for clinics and organizations

Say Yes! to better health for Texans. Check out the newly-released training manual that clinics and organizations can use to help their communities learn about the importance of participating in Census 2020.


Census 2020 is a critical health issue in Texas and a newly-released training manual is available to clinics and other organizations who want to get involved in promoting the Census in their communities.

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The training manual was developed by the City of Houston/Harris County Complete Count Committee, but can be used by any organization across Texas to help leaders learn more about the Census and learn practical ways to support “get out the count” efforts in their communities.


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EHF has committed $1 million in funding to Census efforts across the state because the numbers show that HEALTH stands the most to gain and the most to lose if there’s an undercount in Texas.

“No sector is as dependent within the state budget on drawing down federal funds than the health sector, and those funds are based on population that’s determined by the Census,” said Elena Marks, EHF’s president and CEO.

Three keys facts about Census 2020 in Texas

  • A 1% undercount would cost Texans about $280 million per year in HEALTH programs alone.
  • 4 million Texans are covered by Medicaid or CHIP and that funding would be impacted with an undercount.
  • Right now, experts estimate anywhere from a 4%-8% undercount across the state.

The impact of the Census on health in Texas is clear. From political representation to federal funding for clinics, Medicaid, the children’s health insurance program and much more, a complete and accurate Census count is crucial for community health – especially for low-income and vulnerable populations.

We invite you to learn more about Census 2020 and see how your organization can get involved.

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